The Child Care Industry is broken and we want to fix it. 
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Our Mission

To end the childcare crisis in the U.S.

Thanks to the recent pandemic, we now realize that childcare is the real backbone of the U.S. economy.

Sadly, the childcare industry is in MASSIVE crisis mode. From staffing shortages, to childcare unaffordability for families, to childcare professionals not getting enough support. If we don't do something about this NOW, then the children will be the ones to suffer the most.

We want to ensure that doesn't happen.

The purpose of The Child Care Channel is to bring thought leaders together to deliver quality content with the intention to inform, inspire, and innovate in the childcare space. Particularly, we want to bring information of value and that will provide peace of mind to childcare center business owners, childcare staff, early childhood education professionals, and parents. All this with the intention to serve the children better by supporting the adults that serve them in creating an environment of safety and healthy growth for them.

Our Host

Yane Díaz is a multi-passionate human with the mission to end the pandemic of stress and anxiety that exists worldwide. She is the founder of #Pazitud, a new philosophy that encourages people to achieve through an “attitude of peace” (pazitud) instead of through recurrent stress, anxiety, and even depression. 

With this objective, she heralds multiple initiatives that are all designed to connect people deeper with their peace as they continue on their journey toward success. 
One of them is as 1Core Solution's Peace of Mind Advocate and the co-creator and Host of The Child Care Channel. 

Through this platform, we hope to bring changemakers together to find actionable ways we can all implement to move the childcare education space forward and build healthy and empowered future generations.

This is serious.
Here are some more reasons why we must do something about the current state of childcare in the U.S.:
              Child care in the U.S. is the rare example of an almost entirely private market in which the service offered is too expensive for both consumers and the businesses that provide it. This reality is reflected in two alarming facts: In most states, putting a baby in a licensed child-care facility costs more than in-state college tuition, yet the people who provide that care make an average of about $24,000 a year, less than a fast-food worker or janitor, even though 87% of them have some form of higher education. Every year a quarter of the industry’s workers leave. All this adds up to an exceptionally precarious business model; according to a recent study by the U.S. Department of the Treasury, the typical child-care center’s profit margin is only 1%.

Claire Suddath
              Hiring and retaining good workers has been tough in the child-care industry for years, but it is escalating into a crisis. Pandemic-fueled staffing challenges threaten to hold back the recovery, as the staffing problems at day cares have a ripple effect across the economy. Without enough employees, day cares are turning away children, leaving parents — especially mothers — unable to return to work.

Heather Long
              “Child care is a textbook example of a broken market, and one reason is that when you pay for it, the price does not account for all the positive things it confers on our society. When we underinvest in child care, we forgo that; we give up a happier, healthier, more prosperous labor force in the future.”

Janet Yellen, Chair of the U.S. Federal Reserve
3 Core Principles on How We Plan to Move the Childcare Industry Forward
The Child Care Industry Needs an Advocate. With your involvement, we intend to become the voice that will bring forth positive change. Here are three core principles behind our channel structure:


We believe when we KNOW better, we DO better. Since there is so much that is now new in the industry, we think it's important to keep all childcare stakeholders in the loop about what new information can be useful for they and the industry to thrive. For example, there are many changes currently being discussed in the government that can impact drastically where the industry will go. Knowing what is coming is essential to ensure future adaptability and success. 


Inspiration moves people to action. By bringing and showcasing examples of other leaders in childcare who have reached success, we hope other aspiring childcare industry leaders and workers will have real examples of what is possible for them so they develop the courage and resilience to continue to work toward building successful childcare businesses that will really positively impact the lives of all who are a part of it.


In times of change like the nes we are experiencing right now, what will move industries forward is innovation. At The Child Care Channel we intend to bring forth innovation opportunities that will drive the industry forward. Weather that innovation comes in the form of technology, processes, tools, or even leadership practices, we aim to bring experts from all sorts of industries who have something useful to share to move the childcare industry forward.
Three Ways You Can Help
The Vision that we have to make a real impact in the childcare industry is something we cannot do alone. Therefore, we need your help! Here are some ways you can help:


Since our channel is still quite new, we need your help in increasing its visibility so we can reach more people. YouTube ranks videos and channels higher when the channels have more subscribers, more likes, and more engagement overall. It would mean a lot to us if you could support the channel by subscribing and enabling notifications.


If you or someone you know has something of value to share with childcare industry leaders, workers, families, then we want to hear from you! Maybe we can interview you or maybe you have something specific to share/teach to our audience.
Fill out the application form and we will be in touch to coordinate.


There is no question that there is strength in numbers. We have a big vision of fixing real problems. And we cannot do it alone. There are many opportunities to partner with us at the channel. If you would like to support this mission in any way, including sponsorship options, we want to hear from you! Get in touch with us and we can explore how to best collaborate.

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